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Why do so many people like sushi

Why do so many people like sushi

Sushi is a traditional Japanese food with a long history. It has a wide variety of flavors and very popular not only in Japan but also around the world.

The raw material of sushi is Japanese rice, which appearance is white and round and the taste is chewy with great viscosity. And it is one kind of Japanese dish which add vinegar into rice as main material. Just like the other Japanese dishes, sushi is colorful and with various materials.

While making sushi, people always cut the abalone, shrimp, scallops, salmon seeds, tuna, salmon and other seafood into slices and putting them on a white glutinous rice ball, kneading them and then spreading them with green mustard sauce to finish the work.  Nowadays sushi is more and more diverse, people also add some fried eggs and fresh vegetables such as shiitake mushrooms, cucumber and lettuce into it.

When eat sushi, people often take the whole piece of sushi to eat, only in this way, you can truly taste the delicious sushi. The rice incense and sashimi fragrance of sushi can be completely integrated, which is extremely delicious and the taste will linger in the mouth for a long time.

Sushi in Japan is mainly made and sold by specialized sushi restaurants.  The chef dressed in white uniform will cut the fresh fish into slices and put other tasty materials on the rice according to customers’ request. Because the color of fish, shrimp and meat is different, sushi looks colorful and delicious.

In addition, Japanese families also make homemade sushi for special occasions.  But most of them are relatively simple, and sometimes they also roll in some baked seaweed, fried egg slices, pickles and so on.

Sushi is very popular in many countries due to its ultra-low calories, organic ingredients, fresh taste and beautiful style which fulfills people’s every imagination for delicious food.

The delicious good-looking sushi always placed on the delicate ceramic sushi set which is particularly attractive. And the sushi restaurant always use exquisite ceramic sushi set in various style, design, color, etc.

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Ceramic Sushi Set Sushi Serving Dinnerware Set

Ceramic Sushi Set Sushi Serving Dinnerware Set



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