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Various Tea for Different European Countries

Various Tea for Different European Countries

Tea can be said to be the national drink of the British. Drink tea at least four times a day, usually when waking up in the morning before breakfast, before lunch at 11 clock, after lunch, and after dinner. English black tea is usually added with lemon, cube sugar, orange, rose or fresh milk.

There are many kinds of tea that the French like to drink, black tea, green tea, scented tea are all their favorites. In some areas, it is also popular to mix fresh eggs in the tea, and then drink it with sugar; it is also popular to add lemon juice or orange juice to the bottled tea and some add wine for drinking.

Germans like to drink fruit tea that made from various petals and dried fruits such as apples and hawthorns. Sugar should be added when drinking, otherwise it will have sour taste due to too much floral fragrance.

Irish people generally like to drink strong red crushed tea. The per capita annual consumption of tea in Ireland ranks first in the world. People like to drink tea three times, morning tea, afternoon tea, and dinner. People always like to drink tea with eating bread, cheese.

The Dutch were the first European countries to introduce Chinese tea. In 1605, tea had become one of the drinks of the Dutch in upper class. The Dutch used to add sugar, milk or lemon to black tea. The Dutch original milk tea drinking method has influenced many countries’ tea culture.

Many people around the world have the habbit to drinking tea when leisure time. There is no doubt that tea lover will choose a set of tea set when drinking tea. Ceramic tea cup set have been many tea lover’s first choice. As ceramic tea cup with saucer share eco-friendly material and decorative design such as modern tea cup, creative tea cup, vintage tea cup,etc.

People will choose various styles of ceramic tea cup and saucer according to their preference. No matter at home, hotel, office or some important festival, we can see ceramic tea cup set anywhere. The tea cup have become necessary item for many occasions.

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