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Various Aromas of Essential Oil in Different Occasion

Various Aromas of Essential Oil in Different Occasion

Nowadays more and more people like to use oil burner at home, hotel and office.  As the aromatherapy can make the air clean as well as make people in good mood.

In the living room, bedroom, study room, office and other places you like, you can use your favorite fragrance to create your comfortable atmosphere and enjoy the perfect fragrance experience at any time.  No matter in afternoon or at night, once you light the aromatherapy stove, the fragrant will flow all around combine with the flickering candlelight, you will ease the tension and feel relax.  However, different aromas are suitable for different places. Do you know how to choose suitable aromatherapy in different places?

In the living room, it is more suitable to use elegant flower which is not too strong and just light fragrance. Guests can feel the hosts’   detail-oriented attitude towards life. Aroma can make the guests relax and communicate smoothly.  Or you can use lavender to calm the mood and relieve tension.

In the hallway, it is recommended to use refreshing aromas, such as lemon, grapefruit, citrus, or ocean fragrance. Every day you go back home and open the door, you will feel the comfortable breath of home that alleviate the pressure of one day’s work or study. If in the winter, it is recommended to use a warm fragrance, such as lily of the valley, jasmine, rose, etc.

In the study room, you can use the fragrance that makes people concentrated, the aroma just like citrus, mint, rosemary that can improve working and studying efficiency.

In the bedroom, if you want to create a romantic atmosphere, you can try roses, lily of the valley and other scents. If you want to sleep well, you can try scents like lavender or chamomile, both of which have soothing effects.  For men’s bedrooms, fresh ocean scent or sandalwood scent are great choices to make bedroom warm and help sleep.

In the toilet, fruit aroma like lemon can improve the air condition of toilet.  In addition, pure and fresh grass fragrance like mint and spearmint are also suitable which can cover peculiar smell. It is not suitable to use the scent of wood which smell more unpleasant when combined with the peculiar smell in toilet.

Porcelain oil burner is the best choice for aromatherapy oil. The size of the air hole and the size of the ceramic oil burner body can match exactly so that the aromatic essential oil can evenly spread in the air.

Place the elegant ceramic wax warmer with the nice aromas at home or hotel is very popular in many countries.  Choosing a beautiful ceramic oil burner also make your home or the place you work superior.

BRT ceramic own a professional production line which major in manufacturing many sorts of ceramic products including ceramic oil burner. Our hot sale ceramic wax warmer can be customized in color, size, pattern, logo according to customer’s request. Wholesale ceramic oil burner is best seller for home, hotel, gift stores, etc.

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