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Unique Japanese sake, do you like it?

Unique Japanese sake, do you like it?


Sake is one kind of national wine in Japan. We can often see it in some sushi restaurants. In fact, the brewing method of sake is referring to the Chinese brewing method. Sake is actually a delicious drink fermented by rice, which is mellow and fascinating. Sake is always very popular in Japan and abroad.

Many people who have tried sake will have the impression that it looks very clear, but the feeling of drinking sake is completely different. The strong taste and mellow wine are the impression of many people on sake.


Japanese sake is the national wine of Japan developed from the brewing method of Chinese yellow rice wine. The Japanese often say that the sake is a gift from God. Sake has been the most commonly consumed beverage in Japan for more than 1,000 years. Sake can be seen at large banquets, wedding ceremonies, bars as well as ordinary people’s tables. Sake has become the quintessence of Japan.


Although Japanese sake uses the brewing method of Chinese rice wine for reference, it is different from Chinese rice wine. The color of sake is light yellow or colorless, clear and transparent, the smell is fragrant, the taste is pure and refreshing. The alcoholicity is more than 15%. In addition, it is a nutrient-rich beverage wine which contains a variety of amino acids, vitamins.


People around the world always like to drink sake using ceramic sake set, because this kind of material is eco-friendly, never fade, handmade, hand-painted. And ceramic sake set is elegant which can better reflect the characteristic of sake.


Choosing a suitable and practical sake set, you should firstly find a professional ceramic manufacture. BRT Ceramic is specializing in the production of various ceramic household and kitchen items, which conclude wholesale ceramic sake sets, mug, bowl, plate, flower pot, etc.


BRT Ceramic is professional ceramic and porcelain sake set manufacturer in China with over 10 years experience and can accept all kinds of OEM and ODM designs. with any design, size, color, pattern, logo is acceptable.


Wholesale ceramic sake sets is not only a great gift for friends and relatives, but also a practical drinking kit for the home, hotel and restaurant.


BRT produces various kinds of ceramic products. If you have special requirements, we can custom it for you. BRT regularly introduces new ceramic products for customers to purchase and reference.

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ceramic sake sets

ceramic sake sets




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