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The Nutrition and Function of Berries

The Nutrition and Function of Berries

The berries have many sorts of functions, such as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, anti-cancer, anti-cancer, slowing down aging, and reducing cardiovascular disease and protecting eyesight. Blueberry, strawberry, cranberry own their own nutrition value.

Blueberry is a small berry which is pleasing to the eye, blue and covered with a layer of white fruit powder, the pulp is delicate, and the seeds are very small. Blueberries are rich in anthocyanins, vitamin K (32%), manganese (25%), vitamin C (19%), fiber (14%), copper (9%), etc. blueberries can improve memory and control fasting blood sugar, slimming, eye protection, nerve protection. Under the blue light exposure every day, blueberries are a good choice, which is of great help in protecting eyesight.

Strawberry has the function of anti-cancer, blood lipid lowering, liver protection, maintain beauty, slimming, relieve arthritis, and have auxiliary effects on ulcerative colitis. The head of the strawberry should be emerald green, and the denser the seeds, the better the berry. Strawberries with yellow-brown seeds are relatively fresh.

Cranberries grow primarily in cool-zone acidic peat soils in the Northern Hemisphere. The main components of cranberry are fiber, pectin, polyphenols, proanthocyanidins, flavonoids, quercetin, anthocyanins, phenolic acids, organic acids, cinnamic acid, quinic acid, and vitamin C. A berry growing on a dwarf vine in the cold North American wetlands in less than 40,000 acres worldwide, the high-quality cranberry fruit is air-filled and floats on water. Cranberry has the effection of anti-inflammatory, anti-infection, prevention of urinary tract infection, prevention of periodontal disease, anti-cancer, stomach and intestines, reducing cardiovascular aging lesions, weight loss and other effects.

The berry need to be eaten together with the skin and pulp, there are a lot of nutrients on the skin and pulp and it is very tender so when wash the berry, we always should be very carefully. On one hand, we should wash the berry thoroughly, on the other hand, we cannot hurt the skin of the berry.

So it is very necessary to own a practical tool for washing berry. Hot sale ceramic berry basket is very popular recently, which is eco-friendly and practical. The ceramic fruit basket is not only the great kitchen item, but also can be befitting gift for friends and families.

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