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Tasty Escargot, High Nutritional Value

Tasty Escargot, High Nutritional Value

French always regard eating snails as a sign of fashion and affluence. Every festival, the first cold dish on the family banquet is snails.

The escargot is rich in nutritional value. Snails are not only edible, but also extremely rich in nutritional value. According to research, every 500 grams of snail contains 90 grams of protein, calcium, iron, copper, phosphorus, shrimp and vitamins and other nutrients.

The protein content of snails is higher than that of beef, mutton and pork, but the fat content is far less than that of other meats, and it also contains various minerals.

Meanwhile, the snail can promote metabolism. Appropriate consumption of snails can promote the body’s metabolism and effectively absorb nutrients. The vitamin C and calcium ions in the snails are very effective in resisting skin oxidation, and can also increase the length of bones, delay skin aging, and improve the body’s immunity.

Estargot is very popular for many people so we always can see this tasty food at party. People usually use ceramic escargot plate to hold this seafood. Most common style is escargot plate dish with 6 holes, escargot plate with handle, etc. Porcelain escargot plate is practical and eco-friendly which could directly used as baking dish.

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