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Start Your Healthy Life Style with Salad

Start Your Healthy Life Style with Salad

Fruit vegetable salad is to cut different fruits or vegetables into dices or cubes, put them in a salad bowl, and then add sauces such as fruit salad sauce, yogurt or honey, etc.

Studies have shown that if the same amount food can be eaten with different types of fruits, it will be more nutrient-rich and absorb better than eating single fruit. Therefore, making fruit salad is a good way to make people try to eat more fruit. Fruit vegetable salad provides a lot of vitamins and minerals, but relatively few calories. Vitamins A, C, fiber, folic acid, inositol, anthocyanins, quercetin, and potassium are the nutrients most commonly included in fruit salads.Fruit salad is low-fat and low-calorie but rich in vitamins and pectin, and has a feeling of fullness after eating. It is regarded as a great food for weight loss.

Many people would like to make fruit and vegetable salad by themself at home when leisure time or holiday. It has became a new and healthy life style around many countries. Meanwhile, the making process is rather simple and convenient. Just need to prepare the fruits and vegetables , the sauces and a eco salad bowl, mixing them, a delicious and healthy food has finished.

Salad bowl have many material, such as ceramic salad bowl, wood salad bowl, glass salad bowl, stainless steel salad bowl, etc. From these, ceramic salad bowl is eco-friendly and can be made into many design. Nordic salad bowl, salad bowl with handles, shark salad bowl, Japanese salad bowl, vintage bowl. The big ceramic salad bowl not only as bowl for mixing salad, well as can be pasta bowl, cereal bowl, ramen bowl, noodle bowl, soup bowl, mixing bowl or other ceramic dinnerware.

BRT Ceramic is a Chinese factory that professional in manufacturing wholesale ceramic dinnerware, tableware.  We can offer wholesale factory direct salad bowl with nice quality. Custom dinnerware in cutomers’ requirement are highly welcomed. As hot sale dinnerware, porcelain bowl can be household tableware, promotional gift, souvenir and so on.



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