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New Trend Color Clay Ceramics

New Trend Color Clay Ceramics

The process of making ceramics is divided into several steps. Firstly, the white clay is ground into powder and kneaded with water. Then use hand or machine to make it into ceramics, which is called making mould. After drying the mould, hand engrave various patterns on the surface of the ceramics. Color glaze and put the mould in a high-temperature kiln to burn. Finally, the smooth and shiny ceramics  is burnt out.

Nowadays, ceramics is very popular. One is due to its eco-friendly raw materials. The main raw material of ceramics is clay, not rare metals. It will not waste our living resources and not pollute the environment.  It is non-toxic and harmless. Besides its healthy material, the ceramics own various colors, different shapes, delicate and smooth appearance, and easy to clean, which make ceramics loved deeply by many people.

The reason why the ceramics has such a beautiful appearance is due to the color glaze and color clay technic.

Glaze is a colorless or colored thin layer of smooth covering on the surface of ceramic products. Different glazes have different colors. The glaze of porcelain began to be relatively simple. With the development of the porcelain industry and technological progress, the ceramic with single color glaze has developed to multi-glazes.

Color clay refers to a ceramic process that make the colorants mix into the clay or make the clay of more than two colors to make the multi-color mould. Except for the natural colored clay, artificially manufactured high-temperature pigments are widely used. The amount of pigment added varies with the pigment’s color development ability and the requirements of the color depth. Generally speaking, approximately 1-10% is added. Sometimes it can be as high as 15% or less than 1%. The color clay ceramics has the characteristics of stable and homogeneous colors and better texture.  In addition, as the process of color clay is more complicated, the production cost is also relatively high.

At present, retro ceramics are even more popular. The ceramic dinnerware which in old style just like color clay ceramics makes people feel the different flavors of the old age. The style of color clay ceramics is simple and generous, and the color is pure and beautiful which favored by most people.

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