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Multifunctional Essential Oil

 Multifunctional Essential Oil

Essential oil is very popular and widely used at home and hotel. As it have many functions such as purity the air, relieve mental stress, adjust physiological functions, refresh brain to improve work efficiency, make romantic and warm aromatherapy and so on.

There are various scents of essential oil, different aroma own different feeling and functions.

Rose essential oil have elegant scent, can balance restless emotions and ease the manic-depressive mood brought by premenstrual period. Lavender essential oil share clear faint fragrance of flowers and plants, which makes people just like stay in the mountains and forests. It can effectively alleviate the tired mood and can cure insomnia and headaches. For sandalwood essential oil, it was often used as an incense ring by religious monasteries which is full of oriental mystery in the past and is very suitable for meditation and meditation. Mandarin essential oil is extracted from the fat in the orange peel. It has the aroma of orange, which can make people feel happy and full of sunshine.  Chamomile essential oil own a relaxing scent that can be used to reduce the psychological burden. Grapefruit essential oil with slightly bitter citrus aroma, not only can promote the circulation of the lymphatic system but also can get rid of mental stress.  Jasmine essential oil own warm and fresh floral scent, it can relieve the mood of simmering and has the effect of increasing self-confidence. Mint essential oil with its refreshing aroma that can effectively calm anger, suppress fatigue and refresh the brain.  Lemon essential oil is a positive, fresh and fruity fragrance that can eliminate inner disorders and increase the efficiency of work and study. Rosemary essential oil is fresh and penetrating with a clean refreshing feeling. Tea tree essential oil extracted from the leaves of tea. It has a slightly pungent smell and strong bactericidal power. It can enhance the body’s resistance well as balance the secretion of oil when used on the skin.

Ceramic oil burner is great container for essential oil. Delicate candle wax warmer can make various patterns such as modern style, vintage style, cute style and any style you prefer to. The hot sale oil burner is a wonderful decoration for home, hotel, living room, bathroom, well as nice gift for friends or families.

BRT ceramic is a Chinese ceramic manufacturer major in producing a wide range of ceramic home and kitchen ceramics, decorative ceramic oil burner is our hot sale product. We can produce high quality porcelain aroma diffuser with wholesale price. In addition, we offer customized oil burner in different pattern, color, size, logo according to our cusomers. Pls feel free to contact us if you have any demand about wholesale ceramic essential oil burner or other kinds of ceramics.

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