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Merry Christmas from BRT Ceramic Team

Merry Christmas from BRT Ceramic Team

The last few days before the Christmas, after period’s busy selling, must be a great harvest for you- our dear customers?

Look back all through the year 2019, did everything goes as your original planned by the end 2018?

What did you do in 2019 which was a wise action for your business/work? Anything that you would hope to improve in the year 2020?

Now it is the right time for all of us to think over the whole passed year 2019, and lets do the business plan for the coming new year.

You may be aware now, after working with BRT Ceramic team, plan beforehand would help you with your business in a great way.

For custom OEM & ODM projects, sampling usually takes 10-20 days (some times even longer for complicated projects), production about 45-75 work days (also depends on the order qty, firing success rate, and if the project complicated or not, peak season or not). Shipping time usually takes from 10-45 days (depends on which country you are from, shipping way you choose, etc). So when would be the best time to start the project? If you already have the firm idea and hope to give it a go, the earlier, the better, enough handling time would also help you to make sure you get the best quality products from BRT team.

For the ready stock in BRT, normally can make the delivery right away. Keep close communication with BRT Team, let our sales representative know more about what you need, what you do mainly, we may keep you updated for our newly stocks. This way can help you to get the best deals and the fastest delivery.

If we are trying to catch on an event, trade fair, or holiday, try to prepare it beforehand, make your decision faster, this way would help you to save the unnecessary air shipping method

So now, it is the right time to prepare for the Easter products, also right time to prepare for the summer selling products. Even your whole year selling plantation

BRT Ceramic would firmly support you in the area for your kinds of personalized requirement. Lets grow stronger together, live better in the year 2020!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


BRT Ceramic Team

Merry Christmas from BRT Ceramic

Merry Christmas from BRT Ceramic



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