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How much do you know about Ramen?

How much do you know about Ramen?

Noodle originated in China and has more than 4,000 years history.

As we know, noodle is a kind of healthy food which is easy to make, convenient to eat and rich in nutrition. It has been accepted and loved by people all over the world.

Various kind of noodles show different regional features, there are many sorts of noodles, such as ramen, sliced noodles, pasta, sauce noodles, etc.

Nowadays, the most popular noodle is ramen among many countries. This delicious food is welcomed in many countries due to its unusual combination of tastes and textures.

The soup base of ramen noodles is mostly contains seasonings and different ingredients, which mix together to create a variety of soup. In addition, the use of different ingredients from different regions also produces unique local tastes, which making ramen a popular food throughout Japan. Common ingredients include chicken, pig bones, beef bones, dried bonito, dried fish, dried small fish, kelp, stir-fried soybeans, shiitake mushrooms, onions, scallions, etc. Ramen soup is usually simmered continuously for hours or even days. So the ramen soup is very tasty and nutritious.

 Generally speaking, the flavor of soup base can be divided into soy sauce flavor, dolphin bone flavor, pig bone flavor, salt flavor, miso flavor. Also there are other kinds of ramen, just like Dan Dan noodle which soup with spicy chili and sesame flavors, European-style tomato soups, and even curry flavors. Ramen soup base is also very rich in nutrients, including amino acids, nucleic acids, minerals released from the materials used.

Obviously, if we want to taste the delicious ramen, preparing a practical delicate ramen bowl is extremely necessary.  

Ramen bowl with chopsticks is rather practical for tasty ramen.

BRT ceramic wholesale ramen bowl is made by high quality porcelain material, underglaze color, will never fade. 

Campared with other materials, ceramic noodle bowl is unique, they are handmade, hand-painted and eco-friendly.  

Meanwhile, BRT Ceramic ramen bowl with chopsticks can be customized size, color, logo, which is hot sale noodle bowl all around the world. People can get ramen bowl to eat ramen as well as to be great gift for friends, families.

BRT produces a wide range of ceramic products. If you have special requirements, we can tailor it for you. BRT regularly introduces new ceramic products for customers to purchase and reference.

Below you will find some of our regular producing ramen bowl sets for reference. If you need customized designs, do not hesitate to contact with us!

Ceramic Ramen Bowl



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