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Glass Wine Bottle Stopper

Glass Wine Bottle Stopper

Some white wines use more sulfides when brewing so the storage time will be prolonged. Some white wines are full-bodied, but lack acidity, such as Chardonnay from warmer regions, and it can stay last 3-5 days after opening. If you haven’t finished drinking after opening the bottle, you should reseal the cork and put it in the refrigerator. The storage time for the wine depend on the acidity, it can generally be stored for 3 days.

Red wines generally have lower acidity than white wines, but red wines contain antioxidant tannins. Generally speaking, the higher the acidity, tannin and alcohol content of red wine, the longer time it can storage. In general, red wines should be cork-sealed after opening, stored upright in a cool dark place or in the refrigerator, and drink within 3-5 days.

After opening the bottle, due to decrease pressure, the carbon dioxide dissolved in the wine will overflow in the form of bubbles, thereby releasing the aromatic substances, bringing a pleasant experience to people. The bubbles in sparkling wine generally dissipate within a few hours, and thus lose their freshness, so it is best to drink it all at once. Unfinished sparkling wine should be sealed with cork in time, refrigerated, and consumed as soon as possible. You can also use special corks for sparkling wine, which can firmly grasp the mouth of the wine bottle and reduce the loss of bubbles.

For wine lovers, we always enjoy the delicious wine in leisure time. Sometimes the wine do not finished at one time but want to keep the fresh of the wine, we also need to use a sealed wine bottle cork.

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