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First week of October, Enjoy a delicious oyster!

Oyster is a nutritious seafood, rich in protein, fat, calcium and other ingredients, as well as a variety of active substances and amino acids specific to marine life, which is popular in many countries.

October is a good season to eat oysters!

We collected a lot of oysters that people love to eat on twitter! Let’s start a wonderful October.

Belon Oysters: It takes 4-6 years for the Belon oysters to develop an excellent taste. The best months are September, October, November, and December. A tasteful oyster needs a good wine for a better experience.

LA SPECIALE de Claire: It is known as Golden Diamond, grown in the Sharan area of Poitou, France. It is slightly salty at first, then mainly sweet, mixed with mineral atmosphere, forming a unique taste.

Fine de Claire: The palate is slightly salty. Combine with white wine or fruity wines, like Scotch, Chablis, and Mersau, and you’ll be spoilt for delicious food.

Coffin Bay Oysters: It grows in the bay near a small town on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, which has a rich waterway. Based on its pollution-free growing environment and unique waters, it has a refreshing taste with a seawater and seaweed flavor.

Kumamoto Oyster: Its origin is Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. In 1945, it was introduced to California and cultivated successfully. Smaller head and sweet taste! Very popular in the United States. Adding a little lemon, the unique fragrance and sweetness are fascinating.

KATAMA BAY OYSTERS: Salinity 3.3%. It is characterized by high salinity and creamy aroma. It is very delicate placed on the plate. It is produced on the east coast of Martha’s Vineyard and is a fine oyster in the eastern United States.

South African Namibian Oysters: One of the best oysters in the world! The growing waters are low in temperature and rich in nutrients. The palate has no astringency and the meat is fat and sweet. The excellent water quality of Walvis Bay makes the oysters here a unique flavor.

Imagine it, in this wonderful October, enjoy a plate of fresh and delicious oysters! A great experience!

Of course, while tasting the oysters, pair them with a nice ceramic plate!

So you’ve got oysters, now all you need is some nice ceramic oyster plates.

12 slots and a sauce holder! Exquisite design and perfect match.

BRT 11″ 12 Wells White Ceramic Oyster Plates Dish Tray With Sauce Holder

BRT 11" 12 Wells White Ceramic Oyster Plates Dish Tray With Sauce Holder

BRT 11″ 12 Wells White Ceramic Oyster Plates Dish Tray With Sauce Holder

Made by high quality porcelain material, food safe and easy to clean

Each plate are good to stack on each other, easy to store and save the space

BRT produces a wide range of ceramic products. If you have special requirements, we can tailor it for you. BRT regularly introduces new ceramic products for customers to purchase and reference.



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