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Exquisite Fairy Garden

Exquisite Fairy Garden

The formation of resin crafts is a process from liquefaction to solidification of specific resin raw materials. At first, the resin was liquid, and after curing, it becomes a resin handicraft that is as hard as ceramics but not fragile. The color plasticity of resin handicrafts is rather wide. There are various colors to choose.
Therefore, you can do manual painting and coloring after the shape is finished, so as to achieve the final desired effect.  To make the exquisite resin figurine need to go through the following steps.

Firstly to make the product drawing, the more detailed the better, and as many partial drawings as possible!

Then the sculptor will sculpt the main shape according to the product drawings. Generally, glaze soil is used

After carving, use the silica gel to make the mold, and use liquid such as clay and gypsum to accumulate and fix the silica gel mold until forming.

Fourth, pour glass resin into the mold, and take it out of the mold after the resin solidifies.

The mold need to be repaired, flattened, polished and other step, if there is burrs and damages after the mold take out.

After grinding, the surface of the product is smooth without small particles and pores. Next step is painting, according to the product draft design hand painted colors on the resin figurine.

Above is the basic process of making resin figurine. The colorful appearance and exquisite technique of resin figurine make it rather popular and welcomed by many people around the world.

Recently years, the resin fairy garden is extremely hot and active. People who like to decorate their garden look like wonderland. It is a comfortable and happy life style that more and more people pursue.

As the resin material is rather plastic. Various design of resin figurine with attractive colorful appearance, such as fairy, fairy house, mushroom fairy house, fairy garden, fairy door, fairy garden accessory, garden decoration, forest Animals Figures, woodland creatures figurines, resin figurine, ect.

BRT Ceramic own factory mainly manufacture miniature fairy garden, resin figurine for indoor or outdoor decoration. Meanwhile, resin figurine can be great choice as décor for festival including Christmas, Thanksgiving, housewarming, Halloween and so on.

Welcome to contact us for detail. We can offer custom fairy garden with wholesale price for you.

8.5cm*10cm Mushroom House Home Decor Gift Miniature Resin Ornament Fairy Garden 

8.5cm*10cm Mushroom House Home Decor Gift Miniature Resin Ornament Fairy Garden



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