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Drink coffee and tea to keep ourselves healthy from the virus

Drink coffee and tea to keep ourselves healthy from the virus

It is a tough time now a days with the affect of the Cornovirus (COVID-19).

The past 1.5 months ppl in China here stay at home and tried not go outside, if going outside, every one should wear the face masks, and also keep an eye on our own bodies, now the situation seems alright around our part here.

Because we are a bit far away from Wuhan, in Dehua, there was 0 confirmed case. So that is the reason why our factory could have opened earlier than many other factories in China. Even that, we still try to be cautious for the healthy of our ppl in factory, we keep disinfecting our working place, every one wears face masks while working.

I think there are good ways to keep ourselves healthy: drinking more waters or coffee, tea! Obviously you may need our nice teapots, tea mugs, coffee mugs.

Sad news is that now more and more countries are facing the virus. We hope all our dear customers stay far away from the virus, taking good care of you and your family, and we would like to see you all the smiling face when the time for us all to take off the masks comes!



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