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Decoration and Celebration Method for  Christmas

Decoration and Celebration Method for  Christmas

Christmas is an important holiday for Christianity to commemorate the birth of Jesus. Christmas customs was spread to Asia in the mid-nineteenth century. Japan and South Korea and many Asia countries were all influenced by Christmas culture. Nowadays, it has become a common custom in the West to exchange gifts and hold banquets at Christmas. People always use Santa Claus and Christmas trees to make decoration and festive atmosphere.

The custom of celebrating Christmas in different countries is various. The British pay more attention to Christmas food which includes roast pig, turkey, Christmas pudding, Christmas pies, etc. Every member of the family has a gift, and so does the servant. The United States is a country composed of many ethnic groups, and immigrants from different countries still follow the customs of their home countries. However, during the Christmas season, garlands and other unique decorations are hung on American doors. In China, there is a custom of giving apples to relatives and friends on Christmas Eve. Because the Chinese pronunciation of Christmas Eve is the same as the apple, Christmas Eve has the meaning of peace by sending apple. The Swedes are very hospitable. Christmas is more obvious. Every family, rich or poor, welcomes friends and even strangers. All kinds of food are put on the table for everyone to eat. Most French adults attend the church’s midnight mass on Christmas Eve. After that, the family went to the eldest married brother or sister’s home to eat together. Every family in Ireland will hang a foreign candle or lamp on the window frame to welcome the birth of the Savior.

In Western countries, people celebrate Christmas using red, green, and white as Christmas colors. When Christmas comes, every family will use Christmas colors to decorate it. The red ones have Christmas flowers and Christmas candles, which symbolize warmth and happiness. The green one is the Christmas tree, which symbolizes the longevity of life, and it is the main decoration of Christmas. The red and white color is the Santa Claus. He is the protagonist in Christmas activities and the children’s favorite. At Christmas Eve, people gather around the Christmas tree, sing and dance, and have fun to celebrate the holiday. Christmas gifts and decorations with Christmas elements are very essential for Christmas. Christmas stockings, Christmas trees, magic wands, Christmas balls and other decorations are very popular during Christmas.

Snow globe is a kind of resin craft gift, which can be used as Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts and family decorations. There are Santa Claus, Snowman, Christmas tree, elk, cartoon patterns and many other designs in the custom snow globe.

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