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Can You Distinguish Pure Honey?

Can You Distinguish Pure Honey

Base on the gloss and viscosity, good honey is clear in color, bright just like oil, while shaking the honey bottle, the honey swing very little, and the honey hanging on the wall of bottle will flow down slowly after the shaking stops. Place the honey bottle upside down. Due to the low water content and sticky texture of high-quality honey, if the sealed honey bottle is turned upside down, it will be difficult for the air sealed at the mouth of bottle to float up and bubble.

Stir some honey with a small spoon or toothpick and stretch it out. The pure honey will present the stringy state, and the honey silk will automatically retract and appear spherical when it is broken.Milky white or light yellow natural “crystal honey”, you can pick out a small part of the crystal honey and grind it with your fingertips. The crystal particles of pure honey would be fine and completely melted.

Pure honey is sweet with slightly sour and the taste is soft and delicate, while fake honey has a light honey taste.

Of course, the natural honey can be stored under sealed state in the natural environment for a long time without deterioration. However, honey has strong hygroscopicity and is rich in active enzymes and yeast. If the sealing of honey pot is not good enough, honey is easy to ferment and deteriorate.

So choosing a good sealing porcelain honey pot is very neccessary for honey. Ceramic honey jar with lid are eco-friendly and durable. More and more families select ceramic honey bottle to storage. The ceramic honey pot with dripper are widely used in household kitchen and hotel, etc.

BRT ceramic can offer factory direct ceramic honey pot, own over ten years of experiences in manufacturing ceramic home and kitchenware. OEM ODM are highly welcomed. We always offer our client professional service quality guaranteed ceramics. Ceramic honey pot with dripper, ceramic bear honey pot or any design of  ceramic honey jar can be customized for you.

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