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Dehua porcelain (Chinese: 德化陶瓷), more traditionally known in the West as Blanc de Chine (French for "White from China"), is a type of white Chinese porcelain, made at Dehua in the Fujian province.

The production of Dehua porcelain began in New Stone Age, and it has been popular from the Ming dynasty (1368–1644) to the present day.  In the early 18 century, large quantities Chinese porcelain were exported to Europe and elsewhere.  It was started to become known and popular all over the world.

Chengfeng Zhang was born in Dehua, the famous “Porcelain Capital” in China.  Grown up in ceramics culture, he was enchanted by the charms of ceramics production.  In his teens, he started to work in a ceramic factory and studied hard everything about ceramics.  About 20 years later, he built his own ceramic factory, which is firstly named BRT Industry.

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We have professional production line,advanced production equipment,excellent QC team.


We support OEM service and small order,can be better meet customers.


We have a professional sample and trading team to give you the best solution.


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BRT Ceramic FAQ

1. Are you factory or trading company? We are a family owned manufacturer who has over 10 years production experience in China with over 10 years experience. And we also have our own trading department in our Xiamen Office. Welcome to visit us!   2. Whats the MOQ of your product?   Normally the MOQ of our products ... + Read more